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Our Approach: Welcome
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Our Approach: Welcome


At AchieversHR Consulting, we help you to discover and leverage your talents while enhancing personal effectiveness and realizing your full potential. We help you to attract and retain talented people to achieve your business goals and to make meaningful contributions and connections at work and motivate your team members to work towards high performance. 

The process we follow is by beginning with a DIAGNOSTIC STUDY to identify the core needs of your organization and understanding where your organization stands with the current set of HR processes, structures, people and systems.

This is followed by a COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT to find out what is going on in the organization:

Are your employees motivated and satisfied with their work?

Are their goals and the goals of the organization in alignment?

Are the current span of control, role and responsibility matrix, organizational structure and employee behaviors aligned towards higher productivity and continuous improvement?

What challenges will there be when implementing strategies for enhanced performance?

What market forces or competition or technology changes will have an effect on performance? 

​​​​​​This initial assessment helps to understand gaps and identify non-value adding HR based activities. We then work jointly with you to develop a PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PLAN or pathway, to build upon your existing systems and practices and take these to a new level of efficiency. We look at :

  • ​​​What possible courses of action could be taken considering the goals and needs?

  • What processes will be most appropriate and optimal to the current scenario?

​This PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PLAN or pathway prioritizes the options and allocation of resources and capabilities (of skills and knowledge) in the most cost effective manner.

It builds upon the existing systems and practices and includes key deliverables, timeline and milestones.

The IMPLEMENTATION and roll out of the plan includes identification and coaching of internal champions while capitalizing on your organization's strengths. This specific input ensures project team ownership to the solution as well as its sustenance. A FOLLOW UP AUDIT to introduce any corrective action leads to SUSTENANCE of the solution.   

Our end-to-end management solutions and customized coaching, mentoring, training and development inputs are based upon a balance of real life business specific case studies, concept sessions and  experiential practices to help individuals develop a positive and winning attitude leading to their success and a higher level of engagement. This high employee engagement correlates with higher productivity and the flexibility to embrace new ways of working in these times of artificial intelligence and digital transformation.​

 We would be happy to talk to you about how we can help you. Contact us today.

Our Approach: About
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Digital technology has enabled global collaboration, but nevertheless, people will always be vital for competitive advantage. Continuous learning and development of skills and competencies is necessary to enhance bottom-line results for organizations and career development opportunities for individuals. 
Our programs give you convenience, flexibility and valuable expert content and can used as stand alone or as part of a blended learning solution. The courses feature exercises, case studies and assessment tools to measure knowledge acquisition.
Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Our Approach: About

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