Case Study 5-- Training & Development

Training senior, middle level and entry level employees to develop individual competencies for new and expanded roles in automotive, manufacturing and software development sectors. 


Like many fast growing companies, our client organizations had been inducting and promoting employees into managerial positions based solely upon their technical skills and without any focused input about managing people. We developed training programs to develop customized inputs to highlight the significance of the "people" part of their jobs and how to build working relationships.



We undertook to deliver training centered upon how to  gain and build  trust of coworkers, how to recognize and react to the needs of team members, how to improve interpersonal skills and how to organize work-life. We successfully designed, developed and delivered interventions in


  • Performance Management Systems

  • Leadership Development

  • Presentation and Communication Skills

  • New employee Orientation

  • Training for Trainers

  • Leadership Skills Development 

  • Personal Effectiveness Development



These training and learning interventions have led to significant increase in motivation and performance especially during the time of intense organizational change and it enabled each participant to 

  • get a deeper self awareness of their own personality and values

  • learn skills of people management with regard to their own career stage

  • visualize a career path in line with their own aspirations, their skills and capabilities and personality types 


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