Case Study 2- Evaluating Competencies

How we helped a leading NGO evaluate competencies of their employees for better talent management and developmental planning 

Our client was a leading non-profit non-governmental organisation working for sustained and equitable development and effective participation of marginalized, socially excluded and disadvantaged groups. As a part of its long-term planning and development process, the NGO wanted to assess the existing talent across the organisation, understand their competencies and evaluate them for better allocation of capacity development initiatives towards good governance. There was a large team of more than 150 employees who were based in more than 35 locations across three states, where developmental work was being undertaken.



We were required to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the employees on key personal and technical competency areas which included civil society and NGO-capacity building, participatory action research and training skills, information dissemination, mobilization and capacity building of representatives.

We worked on creating an assessment format based upon the key technical and personal competencies. The competency framework and assessment methodology were designed to be delivered virtually to those participants who were located outside the head office. Our attempt was to allocate the employees into talent categories to create better talent management development plans for them and provide a base to the organisation for effective planning and delivery of capacity development initiatives by using the limited resources and minimizing any overlap of efforts.


Based upon the inputs we received, an individual feedback and a group feedback report was created with recommendations for further development. A comprehensive group report was prepared along with an individual feedback report for each participant to provide an overall collective competency and key development areas focus. This competency mapping system helped the participants to become aware about their own development needs and the NGO had a framework which could be used for effective allocation of resources for development work being undertaken for uplifting society.


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