Case Study-1 Developing HR Policies

How we helped a leading OEM supplier in the automotive sector, document and develop HR policies and procedures How we helped a leading OEM supplier in the automotive sector, document and develop HR policies and procedures 


Our client, a leading OEM supplier in the automotive sector had grown rapidly and this growth had led to quick hiring and deployment of manpower at all levels. The organisation wanted a streamlining of the HR processes and the starting point was to be the HR manual.



The  HR policies and procedures were to be documented to provide a clear reference point and to demonstrate the organisation's commitment towards fair employment practices while defining employment conditions and helping to maintain positive employee relations.

The documentation would provide a clear communication between the organisation and employees on policies and procedures regarding employment, work scheduling, guidelines on performance evaluations, information on remuneration and employee benefits to aid its use as a reference manual by employees and their managers in a consistent manner.

Policies related to rights and responsibilities of employees, details of training and development initiatives and career progression were to be documented. For legal compliance and corporate governance each policy was to be documented to enable an easy update in response to regulatory changes in business environment. 


The completed manual has helped the client leadership team and HR members to focus on managing talent and on delivering expected outcomes while performing activities based on specified procedures and setting expectations and providing feedback, with a more productive use of their time and efforts.

​The manual ensured that their acts were in compliance with laid down policies and regulations.


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